Satin Spar {Selenite} Triple Moon Phases Bowl

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Listing is for ONE satin spar “selenite” gypsum cleansing/charging bowl. Each crystal is intuitively chosen by us for you! Many more in stock than what’s pictured and each one is absolutely stunning. 


Sourced from Morocco.  Consciously sourced & hand selected. Great as gifts, cleansing chakras, holding small crystals, trinkets, jewelry, etc! 


Disclaimer added to every listing; Each stone is intuitively selected for the highest quality and selected just for you by us <3 Natural gemstones (wether polished or rough) may have fractures, inclusions, chips, color variations and other characteristics that make each crystal unique, special and some might potentially call “imperfect”.

Satin Spar {Selenite} Triple Moon Phases Bowl